How to Use Freedom in Christ Materials

Begin with Victory Over the Darkness to understand who you are in Christ.

Once you are grounded in your identity, move on to The Bondage Breaker to understand how to successfully stand firm in the armor of God.

Finish these studies by working through The Steps to Freedom in Christ.  This powerful step-by step process is used all around the world to help people discover their victory as children of God.

Many of our resources are available for personal study (book and study guide) or for group study (DVD/CD and workbook).  We also have several resources available to help leaders as they prepare to take their class or small group through these lessons.

After setting a firm foundation, many groups want learn how to help others.  The Discipleship Counseling Materials are wonderful tools to help any individual or group wanting to learn how to take others through The Steps to Freedom in Christ.

If you have been touched by the message of freedom and would like to disciple others and work alongside FICM in your community or home church,
you may be interested in our New CFMU Training.

If you need help determining what materials will suit you or your group best or have questions about training programs, feel free to call our toll free line at 866-462-4747. 
Our bookstore is open 9-5 EST.

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