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When I (Rich Miller) fly on a plane, if the person next to me does not retreat into their electronic cocoon, I like to ask them what kind of work they do. They are usually quite happy to talk about that. Eventually… more out of politeness than interest, I suspect… they ask me the same question. That’s their first mistake!

I smile and simply say, “I help people get unstuck.”

Then I watch and wait. I can almost see the gears grinding in their brains. Sometimes people nod. Other times they talk about how needed that is. At times I get a quizzical look, so I mercifully explain, “I help people get unstuck from all the junk in their lives through a relationship with God.”

Maybe you spotted this book and the gears started grinding in your brain. Or perhaps you nodded and began thinking about how needed this is… in your own life or in the lives of people you know.

The eight studies stuck inside these covers are designed to help you get unstuck… free in Christ… from whatever trap or cage or muck you find yourself caught in. Maybe fear or worry or anger or an addiction or disturbing thoughts or a deep sense of worthlessness or something else has you cornered or stuck in a rut where you don’t want to be.

You are looking for a way out.

Jesus is the way out… and the way in.
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