Keys to Health Wholeness & Fruitfulness USB Flash Drive

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KEYS TO HEALTH, WHOLENESS, & FRUITFULNESS is an 8-session video-based discipleship course for every Christian. It is ideal for small groups or individuals. This USB stick has video for all 8 teaching sessions plus an introduction, Q&A session, Steps session and a bonus session on addiction. It can be played on Smart TV's, computers and other devices.
  • Understand how to look after your whole being – spirit, mind, and body.
  • Uncover the roots of health issues and learn to resolve them..
  • Live well despite the limitations of your physical body.
  • Get rid of stress, anxiety, and fear..
  • Learn how to make consistent, healthy choices.
  • Deal with negative habits that try to control you.
  • Understand what the Bible teaches about healing..
  • Discover why physical death holds no fear.
  • Follow our 8-point plan to address any health issue so that you can be sure you have done everything you can do..

Join our adventure to bring together truth from the Bible and wisdom from the medical world to equip you to be a healthy, whole disciple of Jesus whose life really counts. Realize the power of your identity in Christ.

Participant's Guide designed to be used in conjunction with the Keys To Health, Wholeness, & Fruitfulness teaching videos is also available.

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