Helping Others Overcome Addictions

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Treatment...therapy...12-step programs...these methods may change behavior for a time, but they cannot change the heart, as longtime pastor Mike Quarles discovered in this 8 year struggle with alcoholism. Pastor Steve McVey saw similarly poor results as he repeatedly gave out the same advice Mike was trying to follow.

Then God led the two of them back to basic, addiction-breaking truths of His Word. If you want to effectively help someone, or if you yourself are struggling, the authors show you how freedom from addiction is found only when people...

• fully believe what God says about who they are
• move beyond the 12-step concept of inescapable "addict identity"
• stop barboring unforgiveness, understand what it means to be radically right with God, and dwell in who they are in Christ

In this book you'll see that freedom from addiction is found not in a program, but in a Person-Jesus, God's Son, the One who can truly set people free.

• Includes helpful material on codependency, as well as advice for setting up recovery/support groups for those gaining freedom from addictive behavior.
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