Finding Hope Again Audio Series Workbook

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This is an excellent resource for facilitating a large or small group through the audio or video series. This book will give you or your group tools to take home and reflect on to help the truths of the series to sink in.

Contains 8 lesson:
  1. The Agony of Depression: to understand the signs and symptoms of depression to determine the severity of the problem

  2. The Agony of the Body: to understand how our brains function and explore the causes and cures of endogenous depression

  3. The Agony of the Soul: to understand how our body (material or outer self), soul and spirit (immaterial or inner self) function together with the external world and our Creator

  4. Overcoming Hopelessness: to overcome the lie of hopelessness and learn how to live in the truth that in Christ there is always hope

  5. Overcoming Helplessness: to understand how we develop a sense of helplessness and how we can overcome it

  6. Dealing with Loss: to understand how we can survive the inevitable crises of life in a profitable way

  7. Suffering for the Sake of Righteousness: to understand how suffering is a part of our sanctification and how broken is necessary for spiritual victory

  8. A Commitment to Freedom from Depression: to understand the commitments and steps that are necessary in order to overcome depression

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