Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course Leader's Guide

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Churches have made many converts but far too few real disciples. Many Christians struggle to take hold of basic biblical truth and live it out. We often take a painfully long time to mature. This is not because we lack resources or teaching, but because we struggle to connect with truth.

A 13 Week Discipleship Course for every Christian. This course is an easy and effective way for any church to implement church-wide discipleship. Created specifically for the UK church, the original version has now been used by over 125,000 people. This new and fully revised version is exceptionally easy to use.

Many Churches run the Freedom in Christ Course two, three, or more times a year. It is often used directly after introductions to Christianity such as Alpha and Christianity Explored and this revised version contains an optional introductory session to make the transition to the Freedom in Christ course straightforward. Course Participants will learn how to take hold of the truth of exactly what happened when they became Christians, resolve personal and spiritual conflicts, become genuinely fruitful disciples, and make following Jesus a way of life.

Optional Introductory Session
Part A-Key Truths
  • Session 1: Where did I Come From?
  • Session 2: Who am I Now?
  • Session 3: Choosing to Believe the Truth
    Part B- The World, The Flesh and the Devil
  • Session 4: The World’s View of Truth
  • Session 5: Our Daily Choice
  • Session 6: Demolishing Strongholds
  • Session 7: The Battle for Our Minds
    Part C- Breaking the Hold of the Past
  • Session 8: Handling Emotions Well
  • Session 9: Forgiving From the Heart
  • Leading People Through the Steps to Freedom in Christ
    Part D-Growing as Disciples
  • Session 10: Walking in Freedom Every Day
  • Session 11: Relating to Others
  • Session 12: Where are You Heading?
  • Session 13: Staying on the Right Path
    Taking the Approach Further in Your Church

    Either present it yourself using the PowerPoint presentations on the enclosed CD or use the accompanying videos presented by Steve Goss (available separately on DVD). The course is ideal for cell and small group use or for a Sunday teaching series. Includes an optional Introduction session aimed at those with little previous Christian background and PowerPoint slide presentations (included on CD inside this Leader’s Guide).
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