CFM Youth Coordinator Training (301, 302 and Youth Leader Practicum)

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This package includes loose-leaf textbooks. CFM 301 Description:
Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ will equip you g help adolescents and young adults in crisis. Learn how to touch an "at-risk" postmodern generation with the life-transforming message of freedom, effectively utilizing principles of Discipleship Counseling. Taught by youth specialist, Chris Campbell.

CFM 302 Description: Identity Based Spiritual Formation will assist you if you are searching to build more than just "good" or "moral" teens. While this course is NOT required to attend the Youth Leader Practicum, we highly recommend you go ahead and work through this course as you seek to create an environment for youth to authentically live out who they really are in Christ. Taught by Chris Campbell.

CFMU Practicum Description:
The Practicum event is a warm, family environment filled with practical "hands-on" training, where you will build relationships with like-minded people; interact with and gain wisdom from seasoned FICM personnel; gain skill and experience in taking people through The Steps to Freedom in Christ; develop a clear Plan of Action for when you return home; plus much more! Practicum cost includes ALL training, materials, a minimum of four meals and plenty of refreshments to keep you focused.

CFM NETWORK Description:
Joining the CFM Network is available to those completing the CFM Coordinator Track. Become an official Community Freedom Ministry Associate (CFMA). There is no membership fee, but great perks. The CFM NETWORK provides omgoing encouragement, support, discounts on FICM resources and equipping to assist the growth and fruitfulness of your CFM. Let's Stay Connected!
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